How to Know When it’s Time to Replace a Toilet

Most people don’t know that toilets don’t last forever, and that means a time will come when you will have to replace it. We have a variety of things that helps one determine if they need to replace their toilet, and one of them is if the toilet keeps getting clogged. When your toilet keeps getting clogged there might be various reasons why that is happening, and of the reasons is that the toilet might need to be replaced. Since you don’t know when your toilet was built then it is important to know the different things that will tell you when it is time to replace it, and one of them is if the toilet keeps getting clogged. Therefore, the discussion below is on how to know when it’s time to replace your toilet.

When a toilet keeps getting clogged it is a sign that one has to replace it. You should not worry when your toilet clogged once, but when the toilet keeps getting clogged you have to know a replacement needs to be done. Immediately you realize your toilet keeps getting clogged you have to hire a plumber so that you are sure the toilet needs a replacement. Your toilet should only be replaced when the tank is having a crack that cannot be repaired.

Hidden leaks and excessive running are also signs showing one has to replace their toilet. Since it is hard to notice the hidden leaks then you should be keen on the amount you pay for water bills so that when there are leaks you get to know. If the flapper valve in your toilet has been experiencing so many issues and water keeps running you have to know that it’s time to replace your toilet.

Water inefficiency is one of the signs showing that one needs to replace their toilet. If your toilet cannot flush completely you will have to call a plumber to check the problem, and if the problem is not the pipes then you have to replace your toilet. If you are in those areas where there is no enough water you have to replace your toilet with the new ones so that you avoid spending so much water.

A toilet that has exterior damage has to be replaced since this is one of the signs. One should not continue using a toilet that has cracks, but instead replace it since this is a major problem. To sum it up, a toilet that keeps getting clogged is very dangerous hence; other indications should also help you determine when to replace your toilet.